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In 2005, the initial goal of You Gotta Have Harp Productions was to increase the visibility of the harp by promoting the highly talented musicians on its roster to ever widening and varied audiences. We started out promoting The Masters of the Celtic Harp show with Grainne Hambly and William Jackson, two of the top Celtic harpers in the world. In 2006 I started taking on additional artists who didn't play the harp, starting with the phenomenal Irish multi-instrumentalist John Carty. We've worked with a number of great players of the fiddle like: the legendary Kevin Burke. We occasionally set up ad hoc tours for others traditional artists coming over from Ireland.

You Gotta Have Harp is all about getting these wonderful artists out in front of your audience and at your events.

You Gotta Have Harp is also producing a number of really fine harp events. The Harpers' Escape is going strong and will be in its 24th year in 2016. We took on management of the Somerset Folk Harp Festival in 2008, and it's the top-drawer harp event in the country. Added for 2017: The Harp Tour of Ireland, a guided tour in Emerald Isle!

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